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3 Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know From Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar - NDTV

3 Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know From Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Weight loss tips: You should eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly for sustainable weight loss

The amount of weight you lose is often considered as a benchmark for fitness. And when diets and exercise routines don't reflect a change on the weighing scale, it can often cause one to feel demotivated. However, “losing” weight is not the only marker to better health, said nutrition expert Rujuta Diwekar. In an Instagram post, she has shared a list of common issues people cite when it comes to weight loss. Sharing a photo of the gym, the expert wrote in the caption, “My energy levels are better but I haven't lost weight. My size is shrinking but I haven't lost weight. My skin is glowing but I haven't lost weight,” referring to common comments made about weight loss by people when the weighing scale refuses to budge.

Weight loss secrets you need to know

In the post, the nutritionist breaks common beliefs. Explaining how a drop in body fat is not necessarily accompanied by a drop in weight, she said, “It's only when body fat drops that your body feels light (lesser lag) and hence the increase in energy levels.” Next, she said, “It's only when body fat drops that the volume shrinks hence the drop in size. It may be accompanied by a gain in lean body weight and so no drop in overall weight.”

Rujuta added, “It's only when body fat drops and lean body weight increases that the insulin sensitivity picks up, this often leads to the skin (the largest organ of the body) looking healthier and fresher.”

She also added the hashtags “beyond weight loss” and “fit not thin”.

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In a recent video, Rujuta had also busted a bunch of food-related weight loss myths.

“We are often told that eating less is the shortest route to health, wellness, and a good life. But this is not true,” she said, speaking of the importance of maintaining a balanced diet without reducing meal portions. “In fact, if you eat less, there is a high chance that your cravings for chocolates, biscuits, and chips will increase manifold especially late at night,” she said.

Explaining further, she said, “Metabolism is anabolism plus catabolism. If you attempt to reduce your food proportions drastically your anabolism levels will go down and your catabolism levels will increase.”

“The effect of this is that instead of getting fitter, healthier and younger your body will get weaker, unhealthier and you will age faster,” she explained.

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Losing weight in a healthy manner is extremely important, the expert reiterated.

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