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Coatesville Area Senior High School student athletes receive AEDs, CPR training after football player's death - WPVI-TV

COATESVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Student-athletes at Coatesville Area Senior High School are learning about heart health in memory of a football player who suddenly died before a game last summer.

"We are teaching kids how to save kids," said Christy Silva of Aidan's Heart Foundation. "Up to 9,000 children, teens and healthy young adults pass away each year from sudden cardiac arrest every year."

Silva's own son, Aidan, passed away from sudden cardiac arrest at the tender age of seven. The tragedy moved her to create the nonprofit Aidan's Heart Foundation.

"About 70% of the conditions that cause sudden cardiac arrest can be identified with a simple EKG exam," said Silva.

Last summer, 16-year-old West Catholic High School football player Ivan James Hicks, Jr. collapsed and died before a game against Coatesville.

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On Thursday night, Coatesville students received health screenings and learned about what to do if someone collapses on the playing field in Hicks' memory.

"It's very good practice to have because you never know when something else could go down," said basketball player William Fowlks.

"Everyone should learn about it because anything is possible, and if you're in a situation, it's very helpful to know," said basketball player Danae Elozy.

For Silva, if this training saves one life, it takes away a smidgen of the pain of losing her son Aidan.

"Aidan is always with us, and this is just one way that I know he still is," said Silva.

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