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Confidant Health Launches "Pay it Forward" Model for Addiction Treatment - WFMZ Allentown

HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Confidant Health today announced a new community payment model that makes addiction treatment and mental health services accessible within any budget, starting at just $1. Cost is one of the top barriers to getting help for these conditions, which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Confidant's approach eliminates cost as a barrier to individuals and families that need support for mental health or addiction.

"People might be interested in changing their drinking or drug use but they don't get help and one of the biggest reasons is the price tag." Said Samantha Arsenault Wilson, Chief Quality Officer and Co-Founder of Confidant Health. "Addiction can be treated effectively but people don't know that, and even if they do, it's so hard to find care and the cost is prohibitive, even with insurance. While they face these barriers to getting treatment, their drug dealers are easily accessible with transparent pricing. That's why we created this payment model - we need to be better than the drug dealers if we're ever going to reverse the addiction epidemic."

Historically, only about 10% of people with substance use disorders that could benefit from care receive any specialty treatment, according to SAMHSA , the top reasons include not being ready to stop using, not knowing where to go, and cost. Confidant Health tackles each of these by offering care without requiring clients to stop using drugs and alcohol altogether, or a harm reduction model, and by delivering services that are virtual and easy to access from anywhere. Now, the new community payment model eliminates cost as a barrier to addiction treatment.

When users download the Confidant Health app they're asked to make an optional monthly contribution to the community in the form of an app subscription. Optional contributions, or "pay it forward" opportunities also exist following support group sessions and one-on-one appointments. When clients book services with clinicians, therapists, or certified coaches, they see the recommended price which covers Confidant's costs of delivering care and a small contribution to the community. Before "checking out" for the service, clients can adjust the payment amount to as low as $1 for the appointment, or they can pay above costs to make a larger contribution to the community.

This model is possible because of generous contributions by members of the Confidant community that have seen success with this model for themselves and their families and have chosen to pay it forward. This creates a virtuous cycle that ensures affordability never delays or prohibits access to care.

The community payment model is live on the Confidant Health app, available on Android and IOS.

About Confidant Health: Confidant Health is a virtual substance use and mental health clinic dedicated to offering evidence-based care for individuals and families. Confidant offers clinical services, including medications and therapy, in Connecticut. Confidant offers coaching services, support groups, and education around substance use and mental health to people everywhere.

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