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Escape Addiction bunkhouses 'sling hope, not dope' - WLOX

WAVELAND, Miss. (WLOX) - A chance for recovery, therapy and new beginnings. It’s what the Freedom Lighthouse project is all about as a South Mississippi addiction therapist works to turn shipping containers into transitional living facilities for those in need.

“I was a bottom of the barrel meth addict. I mean a half an ounce a day, just a garbage person to be around,” said Chris Bourda.

Now, three years clean, Bourda and others are working to make transitional homes out of those containers.

“It’s going to be a place where guys can come and get the rest, the accountability and the wisdom to readapt and get back into society,” Bourda added. “Each and every one of us have overcome our addiction and are living for the Lord now.”

And so is Joshua Hutchinson.

“I was an active gang member myself, I was in the streets, I was an active IV user with methamphetamines,” Hutchinson said. “A year ago I was homeless, I was strung out on drugs, trying to find my next meal. Now here we are a year later, working at Escape Addictions/Freedom Lighthouse.”

The man behind the ministry and the mission is Jarrod Bourgeois. He too was on the inside of drug addiction fighting to get out. Now, Bourgeois and this growing band of post-addiction brothers are putting these bunkhouses together.

That’ll give those needing to scratch their way back to clean living the necessary structured environment.

“Secondary treatment or sober living is crucial,” Bourgeois said. “Anyone can get 30 or 60 days. We want to lock them in for the long haul. We’ll walk with them, cry with them, laugh with them, do everything together as a family, as a group.”

A group that’s always on the mend, working to help those looking to mend find safe haven from addiction.

They currently have two bunkhouses, and the goal is to have four in the near future.

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