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Fans Accuse TLC Of Sabotaging ‘1000-lb sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss Journey - The Blast

TLC is famous for their quirky shows that cover issues and people most TV stations would run from, and their fans love it. A good example is a show called “1000-lb sisters,” which covers sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton and their weight loss journey.

The show premiered in 2020, and the sisters quickly gained a large following and fan base, who have been rooting for them to lose weight and achieve their health goals.

Much to the disappointment of their fans, only Amy has been able to lose weight while Tammy gained more weight at the end of season two of the show.

This realization sparked concern amongst the show’s audience about what could be preventing her from losing weight. This question then led to the theories by some fans that TLC itself is sabotaging her weight loss to keep the show from ending.

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Here is the rundown on the sisters, their show, and what is truly going on with Tammy Slaton.

Amy And Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss Journey

Before the Slaton sisters became TLC stars, they were already popular for their YouTube channel. In a TikTok, Tammy revealed that “We started YouTube before we started the show. Our followers from YouTube contacted TLC.”

After producers saw how close the sisters were, they gave a chance to their show, which officially premiered on January 1, 2020.

Throughout the first two seasons of “1000-lb sisters,” fans watched 33-year-old Amy become successful at her diets and lifestyle change, qualify for weight loss surgery, and lose over a hundred pounds. She also started a new family with her husband, Michael Halterman, and welcomed their son, Gage.

On the other hand, 34-year-old Tammy struggled with weight loss and failed to lose much of her 600 pounds. She repeatedly made excuses for herself and refused to change her unhealthy lifestyle.

Despite her initial loss of a few pounds that made fans think she was finally getting on the right track, Tammy ended up gaining back the lost weight and adding a few extra pounds as the second season drew to a close.

Fan Theories That TLC Is Sabotaging Tammy

Tammy’s unexpected weight gain quickly became a source of worry to the show’s audience and her sister’s fans. As a result, many fans began to theorize on what could be preventing her from losing weight apart from her irregular diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

One such theory posted on Reddit read, “I came up with the theory that TLC is manipulating Amy and Tammy. The reason why Tammy has yet to lose any weight is due to the fact that their contract prevents her from losing weight until maybe x episode of x season. Obviously, they have the power to control whether or not Amy and Tammy can lose weight because guess what happens if they do lose weight? There would be no more “1,000lb Sisters.”

The person also added that people should stop supporting TLC as they exploit Tammy and contribute to her weight gain and mental health issues.

Some fans came out to support the theory and accusations, while many others denounced it. One such fan explained why the theory did not make sense and said, “TLC has a long history of shows with hugely obese people and many of them have lost weight. I don’t think they are keeping Tammy under contractual obligation to stay at a certain weight, and they certainly aren’t paying her to gain the 100+ lbs she’s gained since starting the show. They would be opening themselves up to a huge lawsuit if they tried that crap. Tammy hasn’t lost weight because she is not accepting that she and she alone is responsible for losing weight.”

The Sisters Co-dependency May Be Harming Tammy

Several other fans have also theorized that a factor hindering Tammy’s weight loss is the tight bond that she shares with her sister. They expressed that they believe that Amy and Tammy’s care and co-dependency have prevented her from losing weight.

One fan explained the theory in a post on Reddit. It said, “It is blatantly, brutally apparent that Amy and Tammy are codependent on each other to the point that it’s an extremely unhealthy dynamic. It’s extremely obvious that Amy enables Tammy to overeat (because I really don’t see how Tammy is able to cook for herself).”

Other fans agreed with the theory and expressed that they thought that Amy enabling Tammy’s habits resulted from how the sisters grew up. One said, “I wouldn’t say it’s as much enabling as it is old habits, the two of them growing up close and Amy eventually choosing to focus on herself while just letting Tammy stay in her old ways in order to keep the peace.”

The Slatons And Season 3 Of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’

TLC recently announced its show program for the fall, and luckily for fans of “1000-lb sisters,” the third season of the show was on the list.

According to the synopsis released, the new season will feature Tammy checking herself into a rehab facility to combat her addiction to food and Amy’s struggles with her weight and the demands of being a mother.

With how popular the sisters have become, first for their makeup tutorials on Youtube and now for their journey to weight loss and better health, it is definite that many of their fans are excited to see the changes they will make to their lives in the new season.

Season three is set to be premiere on TLC on November 15 at 10 p.m ET.