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HEALTHCARE CONTENT MARKETING IDEAS f HEALTHCARE | CONTENT MARKETING Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material that is intended to promote your brand, it is a great way to boost your Healthcare Brand. [ ] [ ] CREATE INFOGRAPHICS 2 DESIGN Infographics is a visual representation of a content, which makes it easy to / understand even complex topics. USE VIDEOS 3 Videos grab attention earlier than pictures. Videos of working staff, patients and a happy environment works very well. ONLINE SURVEY 4. SURVEY Feedbacks are very important, to M Excellent Good know how your brand is doing. Average Conducting online surveys will help Poor you to get constructive feedback and honest opinions. SUBMIT Bē SOCIAL MEDIA a f 5 You A Tube Content Marketing on Social Media is one of the very constructive ways to reach potential patients. Happy stories of patients, appreciation posts of staff is a nice way to 8+ be active on social media. ..-- NOTE Posting actual pictures / videos of your staff, patients, hospital builds trust among the audience, which is an authentic way to nurture the brand for the long-term. НЕALTH MARKETING TIPS .... • . *-------------*