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The Cherokee County Commission approved the renewal of the County’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance plan during  the regular meeting today (Monday). County Administrator, Daniel Steele, told the Commission an extensive meeting was held with the Blue Cross Representative to explore the best option for the County and its employees. The renewal premium is increasing 17.9%. This puts the new rate for employees at $729.76 and family coverage at $1530.35 per month. The County Pays the employees insurance but the employee is responsible for the family rate if they choose to have it. Steele said they addressed the possibility of a three tier premium system but it would not provide any savings for the county or the employees. It was decided to stay with the current two tier system. The Commission also approved the reimplementation of the emergency paid sick leave policy for COVID related issues for employees who have not previously received benefits. This will be retroactive to October 13, 2021 and will be in place through April 2, 2022. Up to 80 hours emergency sick leave is available for employees under this program.

In other business the commission approved the participation agreement with the Coosa Valley RCD Watershed Improvement Program for the mowing, maintenance, and spraying of watershed dams in the County.

An Animal Control Policy was adopted by the Commission which would give direction to the Animal Control Officer on how to handle situations which could arise during the course of their daily activities.

An agreement with Carmichael Engineering for a geotechnical investigation and report was approved for a new multipurpose building for the Sheriff’s department which is to be built on county property at Bristow Gap near Leesburg. Sheriff Shaver told the Commission this was a requirement of the Architect. The cost for the service is $3735.

County employees using their personal vehicle on County business will now be reimbursed at a rate of fifty-eight point five cents per mile. This new mileage rate is to mirror the State’s reimbursement rate and was approved by the Commission.

The Commission voted to lower the speed limit on County Road 39 from 45 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour. The County Highway Department will post the proper signage.