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Morocco to Expand Health Insurance to Farmers, Taxi Drivers and Artisans - Morocco World News

The announcement is in line with King Mohammed VI’s instruction to expand healthcare coverage to all Moroccans by 2022.

  • Amal El Attaq
  • Dec. 22, 2021 9:37 a.m.
Morocco to Expand Health Insurance to Farmers, Taxi Drivers and Artisans

Morocco to Expand Health Insurance to Farmers, Taxi Drivers and Artisans

Rabat- Moroccan agricultural workers, farmers, artisans, and licensed professional taxi drivers will soon start benefiting from the country’s Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO), the government has announced.

Morocco’s Government Council will examine six draft decrees this week on Thursday, including the proposal to expand the country’s  health coverage to manual workers by 2022.

The Moroccan government says it is committed to implementing in the coming year the royal plan of generalizing social protection to formerly excluded or marginalized categories of workers. 

The plan is in line with King Mohammed VI’s October 29 speech to open the legislative year’s first parliamentary session. In the speech, the Moroccan monarch called for the generalization of compulsory medical coverage for all Moroccans by 2022.

According to a statement issued by the Department of the Head of Government, this week’s government council is expected to approve the law establishing the professional pension system as well as a draft decree supplementing the existing decrees on compulsory basic health insurance.

During the Government Council, the extension of the state emergency in the country will also be discussed.

The government's announcement of the planned expansion of healthcare coverage is the latest in a series of signals indicating Moroccan authorities’ readiness to deliver on King Mohammed VI’s ambitious social security reforms.

In November, Morocco’s National Social Security Fund (CNSS) announced that retailers, artisans and other professionals registered on the Single Professional Contribution system (CPU), will benefit from the country’s Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO).

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Currently, 11 million Moroccans benefit from the Compulsory Health Insurance. The government’s plan is to provide all citizens with social protection, including sickness benefits and access to health services at preferential conditions.

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