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My parents fear to leave money to their drug-addicted son - The Guardian

One of my brothers has a serious addiction and mental health issues. My elderly parents are concerned about what might happen to their estate after their deaths. My brother is not likely to be safe with any amount of money, but he will need ongoing care, which they currently fund. They do not want to leave behind a divisive decision, or any more of their life’s work to be handed over to drug dealers. What do you advise they do? LW, London

Start by consulting a specialist solicitor or financial adviser. I asked the government-sponsored Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) for options. Andrew Johnson, a senior money expert, suggests a will trust. This is created within the will which enables nominated trustees to hold property for the benefit of one or more individuals. Trustees would have legal responsibility to make decisions in your brother’s interests. The MaPS website provides guides on setting up a trust and how to choose a financial adviser.

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