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One Sure Shot Way To Avoid Winter Weight Gain Without Depriving Yourself Of Your Favourite Foods

Winters is the time when most people end up gaining weight

Gaining weight during the winter holiday season seems inevitable. All the tempting foods at home and those served at get togethers combined with the Christmas spirit lets you ignore dietary prudence. Also, the cold weather and short days may inhibit your usual exercise routines. And not being able to find much motivation to go to the gym may also be a reason why many people end up gaining weight. But you can figure out ways to keep a check on your weight and yet enjoy all that you want to eat. In an Instagram video, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has shares a few tips on reducing calories without restricting yourself too much.

Nmami captioned the post, “As we become lazy to go out for walk or do any sort of physical activity in winter, here is one sure-shot way to avoid winter weight gain.”

This is what Nmami Agarwal said:

1) The basic reason behind gaining weight is when your calorie intake is more than your calorie burn. So, make sure calorie intake is tailored as per your weight loss routine.

2) This does not mean that you reduce the calories way too much. The best way is to deduct 300-500 kcal from your total calorie requirement.

3) For example, if your total calorie requirement is 2500 calories per day. Reduce it to 2000 calories.

Follow these rules, says Nmami Agarwal:

You are not going to restrict yourself from any kind of food.

You are not going to starve yourselves

You are going to enjoy your meal plans.

Take a look at Nmami's video here:

Nmami Agarwal often shares videos with her followers on eating guilt-free. In one of her videos, she spoke about how you can eat whatever you want when you want to follow a healthy eating pattern. Like is meant to be enjoyed and you don't always have to sacrifice the food you like. So, you can succumb to your cravings and have a healthy meal as well. Nmami said that you need to strike a balance and have a healthy meal after you've eaten unhealthy. She advised, “It is fine if you missed one healthy meal, but make sure that you don't miss two of them at the same time.” Read more about it here.

Now on, just remember that you need to reduce the calories and not starve yourself completely when you're trying to avoid gaining weight.

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