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Online gaming addiction? Government issues advisory on preventing it - CNBCTV18

Online gaming in India has been increasing in popularity. Better smartphones, increased internet access, popular titles, influencers, and the global pandemic were but some of the reasons that pushed mobile gaming in India. But now the government has released an advisory for teachers and parents to ensure that in children don't become addicted to online gaming.

The Ministry of Education in its advisory states that the same factors that have improved the popularity of online gaming in India, have also increased its prevalence among children as well. But the government highlights that online gaming can have downsides like addiction, and excessive purchases made within games along with risks to their privacy. 

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“Playing online games leads to a serious gaming addiction which has been considered as a gaming disorder. The game is designed in a way that each level is more complicated and complex than the previous one. This causes a player to push themselves to the limits in order to progress in the game. Therefore, playing online games with no restriction and self-limits leads many players to become addicted and are eventually diagnosed with gaming disorder. The gaming companies also emotionally compel the child to buy more levels and almost force in-app purchases,” the advisory states. 

The advisory suggests some steps that parents and teachers can take in order to ensure that children do not get suffer the ill effects of online gaming.

Some of the suggestions include; ensuring that in-game purchases are not made by children without the consent of parents, ensuring that children don’t click on unknown links, images and pop-ups, advising children to not share personal information online, and asking children to not game for hours without taking any breaks. 

The entire list of advisory, which the government has suggested be circulated more widely, can be accessed here. 

(Edited by : Vijay Anand)

First Published: Dec 11, 2021, 01:34 PM