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Prisma Health On Call: Ask the experts all your heart health questions | GVLtoday - AVLtoday

Male doctor using stethoscope on older male patient

Prisma Health heart and vascular specialists are here to answer your questions | Photo provided

Welcome back to Prisma Health On Call, a new Q+A series that connects you, our readers, to Prisma Health providers who are ready to answer all your questions . This month, we’re focusing on heart + vascular health. We can heart-ly wait to hear your questions, GVL .

Prisma Health’s heart and vascular specialists are on call to answer any questions you have related to high blood pressure , chest pains , heart disease in the family , and heart-healthy meals . Think: ❓ I have a family history of heart disease — what can I do to prevent it?  ❓ How do I know if my chest pain is just heartburn or something more serious?  ❓ What are some heart-healthy foods I can start incorporating into my diet? 

Submit your questions below , and we’ll share the experts’ answers in a few weeks.*