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Chris Johnson is the creator of Reignite weight loss supplements. According to Chris, his wife, Morgan, gained weight after her second and third pregnancies. Despite using thousands of dollars to bring her weight down, Morgan was unable to lose weight. Chris Johnson claims that Morgan tried dieting, exercising, pills, and fasting, but her weight only seemed to increase.

The excess weight made Morgan fatigued quickly, developing mood swings, dizziness spells, low energy levels, and depression. People around Morgan ridiculed her and body-shamed her. Finally, the doctor recommended that Morgan should lose weight to restore her health.

About Reignite Weight Loss Dietary supplements

Globally, millions of men and women are obese. Gaining weight is a slow and gradual process that affects your general well-being. Some of the common causes of an increase in weight include:

Medications- Use of particular medicines such as hormonal drugs.

Heredity- Some individuals are genetically favored to gain weight.

Food- Consumption of fast and processed food high in calories

Lifestyle choices- Living a sedentary lifestyle with minimal activities can cause obesity. Similarly, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking can make you add weight.

Obesity can cause severe health conditions, such as poor cardiac health, poor sleep patterns, type 2 diabetes, and chronic joint pains. In addition, obesity can negatively affect your social life by reducing your self-confidence and self-esteem. Also, excess pounds can limit your sexual performance and libido, thus denying you and your partner intimacy.

The growing number of overweight individuals has increased the number of companies that manufacture weight loss pills and supplements. Equally, thousands of weight loss programs and diets claim they can help you get slim and fit. However, most of these companies are dubious and rake in millions in revenues by scamming consumers desperate to shed weight.

What causes weight gain?

When nothing seemed to help Morgan shed excess fat, Chris Johnson started researching ways of getting rid of the stubborn body fat. After researching and reading numerous articles, blogs, and published papers, Chris realized that some people could consume any diet and remain slender. It is a common misconception that you have to reset your willpower and reduce calories intake to lose weight.

However, this method can only yield positive results to just a fraction of people. According to Chris, leptin resistance and poor mitochondrial function is the leading cause of weight gain in human beings. According to science, leptin is a fat hormone that was discovered in 1994. The hypothalamus stimulates leptin production.

According to biology, leptin should send signals to your brain when your body has excess fat. These signals involve suppressing your appetite and making you feel full even without eating. However, some people have high levels of leptin in their bloodstream but their brain does not recognize it. Chris shares that this condition is referred to as leptin resistance. When your hypothalamus does not acknowledge that you have enough fat cells, it mistakenly thinks your system is in starvation mode. As a result:

You end up eating more to prevent your body from starving.

You develop low energy levels as your brain tries to conserve energy.

Reignite Dietary Supplement Ingredients

When Chris Johnson traveled to Nepal for work, he suffered constant fatigue, associated with getting acclimatized to the high altitude. Kiran, a colleague, and friend served him an ancient herbal tea to increase his energy levels. Surprisingly, a few days after consuming the bitter herbal tea, Chris realized that he had lost several pounds. He asked Kiran to share the herbal tea recipe, which the ancient Himalayan Sherpas formulated. Chris Johnson believed that herbal tea could help Morgan burn excessive fat.

However, he had problems getting the ingredients and getting the correct dosage quantity. He approached Emily, a former schoolmate who had a degree in nutrition and had worked in a weight-loss pharmaceutical company. Using Emily’s expertise, Chris could get all the pure ingredients that could make the herbal tea.

Later, he approached a company that could convert the raw ingredients into easy-to-swallow capsules. The head of research, Mr. Dwayne, was impressed with Chris’ work and assured him they could add more ingredients to make the weight loss supplement even stronger. According to Chris Johnson, they manufactured and named the fat-burning capsules ReIgnite. The ingredients in ReIgnite dietary supplements include:

Kucha Tea

Kucha Tea is an ancient Chinese tea rich in compounds such as methyl liberine and dynamine. Methyl libertine stimulates adrenaline production, which is responsible for increasing energy levels, enhancing metabolism, and boosting cognitive health. In addition, Kucha tea accelerates energy production by improving the function of the mitochondria.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an ancient tonic that contains malic acid. Malic acid supercharges the mitochondria to increase the conversion of fat into reusable energy. Similarly, acetic acid found in Apple cider vinegar works by suppressing your appetite, thus reducing your ability to add more calories to your body.

Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate extract is known for supporting mitochondrial function by preventing waste build-up in the organelle.

Ginger and turmeric

Ginger rhizome is scientifically proven to increase the size of the mitochondria and their DNA. Curcumin is an active compound found in turmeric. Scientific evidence shows that curcumin protects the mitochondria from damage, thus enhancing their function.


Gardenia is rich in chemicals that reduce insulin resistance and boost the functions of the mitochondria.

Black cumin

Black cumin seeds are ancient spices that can support healthy mitochondrial functions.


Chromium is a vital element that works by suppressing your appetite, thus enhancing weight loss. Additionally, Chris asserts that Chromium can help in the development of lean muscles.

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Black Pepper

Black pepper contains piperine which increases the fat burning process.

Citrus Extract

Citrus bioflavonoids improve the structure and function of the mitochondria, thus enhancing energy conversion.


Fucoxanthin activates essential proteins found in the mitochondria to increase the rate of energy conversion.


Berberine improves the health of the mitochondria, thus enhancing their function.

Other ingredients include gelatin, silicon dioxide, Green Coffee beans, Methylliberine, Grapefruit, Magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose.

ReIgnite manufacturer assures consumers that:

  • All ingredients are pure and safe.
  • The Reignite capsules are prepared in GMP and FDA-certified facilities where they follow strict manufacturing processes.
  • ReIgnite ingredients are non-GMO and 100% natural.

What are ReIgnite Fat-Burning Capsules?

According to Chris Johnson, ReIgnite capsules are innovative weight loss pills that address the root cause of weight gain. Each human cell is made up of energy converter organelles called mitochondria. The primary function of these organelles is to convert glucose into ATP (a form of energy used by the cells). The mitochondria ensure your body can burn fat, thus ensuring your body remains in good shape. ReIgnite weight loss capsules improve mitochondrial function, thus improving the weight loss process.

ReIgnite Benefits

According to the ReIgnite manufacturer, most weight loss supplements do not yield permanent results as they do not address the root cause of weight gain. However, ReIgnite capsules support weight loss by improving the function of the mitochondria. As a result, your body gets conditioned to burn fat to provide cells with energy instead of digesting carbs.

ReIgnite weight loss pills fight constant fatigue and sluggishness by increasing energy levels in your body. Instead of reaching out for an energy drink or high-calorie food to provide you with quick energy, you can take ReIgnite as it ensures that your body burns fat for 24 hours daily. Consequently, you will be able to stay active for extended periods even without eating.

Obesity can make it challenging to balance blood sugar levels, especially if you have diabetes Type 2. Reignite can help keep your blood sugars at equilibrium by increasing glucose levels when there is a shortage. ReIgnite stimulates your body to convert fat into glucose which increases glucose levels.

ReIgnite capsules can enhance your cardiac health by improving blood flow and widening the blood vessels. Most obese people who suffer from hypertension, stroke, or heart attack have constricted blood vessels caused by massive fat deposits around the heart. ReIgnite dietary pills encourage your body to burn visceral fat around major organs like the heart.

ReIgnite enables your heart to pump blood effectively, which improves the transport of gases, nutrients, and metabolic wastes in and out of the cells. Consequently, the working of the cells is improved, which enhances your immunity.

According to ReIgnite dietary pills developer, regular consumption of these pills can boost your self-confidence and esteem, making you more sociable. ReIgnite can help you transform your sculpt and enhance the development of lean muscles. Similarly, body transformation can spice your sex life by improving libido, endurance, and performance.

ReIgnite dietary supplements maker claims you can consume your favorite foods regardless of their calories levels and still lose weight.

ReIgnite Dietary Pills Dosage

As per the official ReIgnite dietary capsules website, you should consume two of these pills daily with about eight ounces of water. Also, it is recommended that you take ReIgnite capsules in the morning 30 minutes before taking your breakfast to ensure all the ingredients get absorbed in your bloodstream fast.

Where to buy ReIgnite Nutritional capsules

Chris Johnson shares that you can only buy ReIgnite Dietary pills exclusively from the official website. In addition, Chris Johnson assures customers that the method of payment is secure and fast.



ReIgnite Dietary capsules claim they can help you shed excess fat and improve your physique. ReIgnite manufacturer asserts that the ingredients in each of these capsules can activate the mitochondria to convert fat into reusable energy, thus enabling you to lose weight. Equally, ReIgnite pills fight leptin resistance, thus allowing you to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and lower the risk of heart diseases.

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