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The Problem With Employer Health Insurance - The Wall Street Journal

While I agree with Casey Mulligan that employer health insurance is much better than the government alternative (“Three Cheers for Employer Health Insurance,” op-ed, July 17), it is far from a panacea. Having dealt with it as a physician, patient and employer, our current system leaves much to be desired.

As a physician, I’ve seen how commercial insurers have imposed on doctors onerous requirements designed to deny patients care, thereby maximizing profits. As a patient, I pay a large premium and still have a huge deductible that I never meet, leaving me to shoulder tremendous out-of-pocket costs. Worse, many of my lower-wage-earner patients have a nice insurance card that they can’t afford to use. As an employer, I’m squeezed more every year by rising health-insurance costs that make employee benefits one of our biggest expenses.

Jason Acevedo, M.D.

Abilene, Texas