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Today's letters: Readers comment on partisanship, politics and addiction - Ocala

No re-elections

I am concerned about the extreme partisanship in our national society.

According to a reliable source, Florida is due to reap some monies in excess of $17 billion for infrastructure improvements as a result of the recently passed infrastructure bill. 

The man who serves as representative for my address, Dr. Neal Dunn, voted against it. Some 13 Republicans who felt their districts needed to gain the benefits provided by the bill voted for it. 

Many Republicans are now insisting that those Republicans who voted as they perceived that their constituents needed them to vote should be censured as punishment for not following the "party line." Why does this happen? What makes the party leadership so powerful as to control the votes of representatives? Why are so many representatives afraid to stand up for what they know their constituents want or need? What is wrong with us?

What can we do to put a stop to this nonsense? I say, let's not re-elect them.

Elizabeth Brody, Ocala

Act like adults

It is sad that on a daily basis we have to read or hear about the news of turmoil in politics in Washington. We have two parties that cannot and will not agree on what day it is or the time of day. They both appear to act like the Hatfields and the McCoys. 

There was a time where when we elected someone they went to Washington and represented their constituents’ best interests. Today the two bodies expect you to vote their party line or face the wrath and venom of the party's good old boys club.

We have individuals who hide and control behind the scenes and promote this hate. One of the worst is Donald Trump, who thinks that the good ole USA is his toy to manipulate. He is a prime example of if the rich kid doesn't get things his way all hell will break loose.

He still alleges that a conspiracy cost him the big office. Where in the world does one rational person think that a nationwide conspiracy could take place and there would be no leaks to substantiate these alleged allegations? I have not seen one case brought to court to prove any wrongdoing. 

It is way past time that both parties sit down and act like grown, responsible adults in a manner that would benefit the people of this country and not own their party lines. 

Thomas White, Silver Springs

An addict’s life

An addict typically does not like being an addict. After a while the lifestyle a person lives when addicted to alcohol and drugs becomes very dark. It causes the person to be someone they are ashamed of. This drives the cycle of addiction because they have to run from guilt and embarrassment. The goal is to be as numb as possible. 

It’s hard to understand addiction unless you have been in the shoes of an addict or alcoholic. It is easy for family and friends to think they will eventually get tired of it. Sometimes they even enable them to avoid the situation. This is just a way for them to live with the fact that their loved one is struggling. 

The only way to fix this void that they are filling with drugs and alcohol is to go to treatment. Don’t just assume that it will end because that will leave you with very tragic consequences. 

For more information on how to handle addiction, go to If you are in need of a referral to a treatment center, call 877-841-5509.

Shauna Krout, Narconon Suncoast

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