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Weekly Health Quiz: New Year's Parties, Heart Health and a Common Eye Problem - The New York Times

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The best time to take a rapid at-home Covid test before gathering with friends for New Year’s is:

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Eyelid myokymia typically presents with this symptom:

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shortened the recommended isolation period for asymptomatic people who test positive for the coronavirus to:

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Dr. James F. Fries died recently at age 83. He pioneered the idea of “compression of morbidity,” which refers to the ability to:

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These popular medications can raise your blood pressure:

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In the 20th century, psychologists identified six “basic emotions,” which included all of the following except:

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An AARP survey found that among American men over 65, about 20 percent felt “somewhat or very worried” about their financial situation. What percent of older women expressed similar concerns?