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Weekly Health Quiz: Weight Loss, Chin Hairs and Omicron - The New York Times

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Vuity, a once-a-day eye-drop treatment, may offer an alternative to:

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Which statement about the growth of chin hairs on women is not true?

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Losing lots of weight in a short period of time can backfire in part because weight loss has this effect on our basal metabolic rate:

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Some 800,000 Americans have now died from Covid-19. People younger than 65 account for about this percentage of fatal cases:

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Pfizer's Covid pill, called Paxlovid, is likely to work against Omicron and could be available by the end of the year. The drug regimen requires patients to take how many pills over five days:

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The HPV vaccine protects against this form of cancer, though most kids don't receive it:

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Fibroids refer to noncancerous growths that arise in this organ: