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Weight Loss Tips: Stressed By Weight Gain? Consume Jeera Water. Here's You Can Make It - ABP Live

Jeera Water For Weight Loss: Many spices and ingredients are usually used in the house to cook food. One of those commonly used ingredients is cumin seeds. It helps in enhancing the taste as well as the fragrance of food.

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However, apart from taste, it is also very beneficial for health. Many people are becoming obese because of today's changing lifestyle. Obesity is also the cause of many diseases. 

Cumin helps to strengthen our digestive system. It also removes all toxins from our bodies. At the same time, it is also considered very beneficial for skin and hair. It contains good amount of manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. Notably, water infused with cumin seeds helps in weight loss and reducing belly fat.

So here's you can make the jeera water:

To make Jeera water, first, take a glass of water and add 1 to 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds and soak them overnight. After getting up in the morning, boil this water. When only half of the water's quantity remains, turn off the gas. Now filter the cumin seeds of this water and drink it. You can chew the remaining cumin seeds. Add a little honey and lemon juice to Jeera water if you like.

When and how to consume Jeera water: Jeera water is an extremely healthy detox drink. It is very beneficial for your health. If you drink it, you don't feel hungry for a long time. If you want to lose weight quickly, consume it 2 to 3 a day. It will also keep your digestive system healthy and keep constipation away.

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