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What is HL7 & its Challenges? Why does healthcare need it?

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Submission + - What is HL7 its Challenges? Why does healthcare need it? (

Submitted by ameliawilliams4245 on Thursday July 29, 2021 @05:32AM

ameliawilliams4245 writes: HL7 (Health Level 7) is a framework of standards to exchange patient information in a healthcare department. It was created in 1987 to receive and share patient information easily. The HL7 standard is being used by many healthcare system vendors. The system is majorly used in US hospitals and clinics. When HL7 standards came into existence, these were only used for messaging, but with the development in technology, it has now become a terminological tool, a support tool, and is used for ontology. The HL7 programming is an organization that wants to provide a basic standard in the healthcare sector, it could be for the exchange of messages from doctors to patients, or for integration, the transfer of medical results of a patient, and the best possible delivery of healthcare services. The entire HL7 process is computer-based. The transfer of any information between a healthcare provider and their patients is done via a computer. To read more click on the title or link.

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